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TeleVue 2" Everbrite Diagonal Package

SKU: DDP-8004
PRICE: 320.00

TeleVue 2" Everbrite Diagonal Package Description

Includes 2" Everbrite - Satin diagonal and 2"-to-1.25" HiHat adapter

Whiter and brighter images. Simply put, that is the benefit the Everbrite mirror coating. This exotic, dielectric, nonmetallic coating is 99% reflective across the full visual spectrum, resulting in the "whitest," most natural image available. The coating is painstakingly applied to Pyrex with a surface accuracy of a 1/10 wave flatness.

To ensure performance, every mirror is optically inspected under conditions far more critical than a diagonal mirror is ever used in typical telescopes. In this way, Tele Vue can guaranty that the Everbrite will permit your telescope to operate at its fullest potential.

The Everbrite is offered in both 1¼" and 2" models. The diagonal bodies of each are machined from solid blocks of aluminum. Permanent alignment is assured. The one piece body construction also means heavy accessories can't force the diagonal body to "unscrew" from the barrel as with other brands. Both the 1¼" and 2" models feature brass clamp rings, anti-reflection threads and 1¼" and 48mm filter threads respectively.

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