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Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art

SKU: 1-85233-734-6
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Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art Description

Editor: David Ratledge

Paperback: 184 pages

The CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) has revolutionised optical astronomy during the past 20 years, and specialised astronomical CCD cameras are now even more affordable, colour is standard, and they provide spectacular results.

Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art, provides some examples of the best images, and gives readers hints and tips about how to get the best out of this extraordinary technology.

Experts in CCD astronomy from North America and Europe have contributed to this book, illustrating their help and advice with many beautiful colour images – the book is in full colour throughout. Techniques range from using simple webcams to highly technical aspects such as supernovae patrolling. Computer processing, stacking and image-enhancement are detailed, along with many hints and tips from the experts.

With contributions from David Howarth, Keith Wiley, Steve Chambers, Johannes Schedler, Christian Buil, Damian A. Peach, Brian Lula, Robert Gendler, Dale E. Mais and Tom Boles.

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