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Counterweight Set - Celestron 9.25" SCT - Complete Kit

PRICE: 199.00

Counterweight Set - Celestron 9.25" SCT - Complete Kit Description
Accurate balance is necessary for the best telescope performance. Adding heavy accessories such as 2" eyepieces or cameras to a scope requires the addition of a counterweight set to achieve balance. This weight set, specially designed for Celestron NexStar 9-1/4 GPS telescopes, allows accurate balancing while retaining the stylish look of this advanced telescope!

The complete kit consists of a slide bar on the bottom and a fixed weight on top of the telescope. The top weight is necessary to achieve true dynamic balance, making this weight kit a substantial improvement over any other available systems. (For scope owners who already have a bottom weight set from another manufacturer, the top portion of this kit is available separately - stock # CWGPS925-T.)

Included is one threaded weight for the bottom slidebar and small and large weights for the top bracket. The weights are precision-machined and can be stacked if needed for additional weight.

All necessary hardware and tools for installation are included.

Fits Celestron NexStar 9-1/4 GPS and Ultima 9-1/4 telescopes.


  • Bottom rail and mounting brackets
  • Sliding weight holder with threaded rod
  • 2.5-pound stainless steel bottom counterweight
  • 2-pound stainless steel top counterweight
  • 1-pound stainless steel top counterweight
  • Mounting screws and hex wrenches

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