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CGEM Landing Pad

PRICE: 429.00

CGEM Landing Pad Description

Precise polar alignment for your Celestron CGEM mount!

Celestron's CGEM and CGEM DX mounts are very popular equatorial mounts, and are excellent performers, especially for their price. But the one common complaint is that when making azimuth adjustments to the mount during polar alignment, the adjustment screws have a lot of backlash and tend to be jerky, making precise alignment very difficult and frustrating.

The CGEM Landing Pad from Starizona eliminates the frustration. By using a very robust, incredibly smooth bearing system, the Landing Pad allows fine, precision adjustment of the mount for polar alignment. The mount now moves instantly and smoothly in response to turns of the adjustment knobs, with no backlash.

The Landing Pad installs on the base of the CGEM mount head and can be left in place. It also helps guide the mount head onto the tripod, making assembling the CGEM in the field even easier.

The Landing Pad attaches to the tripod using the standard lock bolt and knob included with the CGEM. But unlike attaching the mount head normally, where the knob cannot be too tight because it will restrict the motion of the mount adjustments, with the Landing Pad the knob can be very tight. The adjustment is now all within the Landing Pad itself. This provides the most secure and stable attachment of your CGEM mount to the tripod.

Above: The massive tapered roller bearing used in the CGEM Landing Pad. The two halves mate up with a piece of black Teflon between them to provide smooth action and maximum stability.

The Starizona CGEM Landing Pad is compatible with CGEM and CGEM DX models.

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