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Anti-Blooming Filter Software (CD-ROM)

PRICE: 89.00

Anti-Blooming Filter Software (CD-ROM) Description

Anti-Blooming Filter (ABF) software quickly and easily removes blooming streaks from CCD images. In the past, imagers had to spend hours painstakingly removing blooming spikes from CCD images manually in programs like Photoshop. Removing the artifacts from dozens of images was a nightmare. But the ABF software automatically does the work for you, removing the blooming streaks in just seconds.

ABF works either as a stand-alone program, or as a plug-in for MaxIm DL version 3.07 or later. Both versions are included with your purchase.

This is the CD-ROM version of the ABF software. There is also an electronic-only version which can be emailed to you. Since there is no CD with the email version, there is no shipping cost. If you prefer to have a hard copy of the software, select the current product. For electronic version, please select product number ABF21-E

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